“Sea Breeze” by Annalee Johnson
And together in this sudden strangeness,radical imagination will run wild;
tomorrow being built today.
Colorado Poet Laureate Bobby LeFebre

How Tender Can We Bare to Be?

This is a difficult time! At the very least, we are trying to cope with unsettling shifts to our daily lives. The reality of living during this frightening and challenging time is starting to settle in. I heard someone say that we are all suffering from an adjustment disorder which makes perfect sense to me.   

Confused, scared and yet experiencing a deeper understanding of our interconnectedness we, who are lucky, have retreated into our homes. “We are all in this together” has never seemed more true, the meaning now layered with complexities. Isolating calls us to find another way of connecting. Funny how it came steadily, bit by bit. Time began moving at a slower pace, feeling like an invitation to live more fully in the present moment.

These last few weeks I have been stopping to breathe conscious breaths and feeling the scattered thoughts come together to witness the breath. I am grateful to have the ability to center myself more.  In its most basic form, meditation is a concentration exercise that brings relief using breath or other objects of meditation such as a mantra, a sound, or a repetitive phrase. It is the first step in creating an ability to be with difficulties and investigate. It is such a helpful practice now, as we try to understand and approach this world wide life threatening challenge with wisdom, perspective and spaciousness.

Our minds are triggered more easily now into “what ifs” and “maybes”. Although it’s not useful, it is virtually impossible not to leap into the future and be overcome by distraction . This is why I am so grateful for the practice of yoga. The eight fold path of yoga offers us the best formula for coming into present moment awareness, to ground our scattered beings, allowing all our fragmented parts to settle. In other words, the yoga sutras help us unwind our suffering.

When we are able to acknowledge the shock to our own body, mind and spirit, we are then able to extend care and understanding to those we share our lives with, and to all beings on earth.

Loving yourself up is the first step! Our practice of meditation and yoga calls for unconditional self love; encouraging us to to express tenderness for ourselves and all whose lives we touch. This spring, let’s explore together how tender we can bare to be as we witness life falling apart and coming back together again.
The following poem by Bobby LeFebre invites us to discover our role in coming back together again.

Nothing Left

And when there is nothing left to do but live,
let us retire the noise,
and build a home inside the stillness.
Grab a wrench and unfasten the parts of you
that have become mechanical;
rest your weary limbs in the bed of anomaly.
the machine is powering down.
You can hear the birds when the gears aren’t grinding.
When there is nothing left to do but live,
make a vacation of your body;
each part explored, a stamp on your passport.
Begin with your heart, maybe?
Crawl inside and sightsee,
ask difficult questions about who it is, and why.
the machine is powering down.
You can hear yourself when the gears aren’t grinding.
When there is nothing left to do but live,
simply show up;
that has always been enough.
And together in this sudden strangeness,
radical imagination will run wild;
tomorrow being built today.

  –Colorado Poet Laureate Bobby LeFebrehis

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An inspiring Korean Zen master, Das Son Sa Nom teaches a classical practice that opens the mind into the heart of awareness, challenging and inviting us to simultaneously hold knowing and not knowing, being in control and having faith to trust the flow. This practice we have been using in class helps people turn fixation into flow and to focus flow into clarity. This is how it works.

As you inhale, think or softly say to yourself:
Clear mind…clear mind…clear mind….  
Then as you exhale, think or softly say :
Don’t knowww……….


Each inhale focuses the mind, brings you to calm and clarity, gives you a firm, strong, sense of control, certainty and a stable place to stand. And then just let it all go, let it flow, trust, step into the free fall and open to the great mystery that underlies everything we think we know for certain. With each breath there is both an invitation to focus and to flow. To take and then surrender control…..

Each breath invites you to stretch between clear mind and don’t know mind…certainty and uncertainty…control and surrender.

This method helps us focus, center, and find balance. For others this centering technique is a focus for quiet contemplation. For many it has been a source of tremendous insight.


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