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Chris Morton, RYT

Fall All-Level Yoga Classes

2017 Jamaica Retreat

Yoga, Meditation and Healthy Brains

OPTIMAL BRAIN HEALTH through Exercise & Meditation

This summer I listened to an interesting lecture on fostering brain longevity through yoga and meditation.

Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa was an anesthesiologist for 18 years, who after a significant awakening through yoga, turned his professional and personal focus toward helping people heal the brain. Since 1981, he has conducted research studies and written books that support preventing cognitive decline through four basic principles.

  1. Healthy Eating
  2. Stress Managemen
  3. Exercise
  4. Spiritual Fitness

The chronic stress in our life style is being greatly affected by poor diet and lack of exercise. The pace of life is going so fast and the way we stay hyper-connected to our devices evokes a feeling of being scattered. For the first time I heard the expression digital dementia!  

He coined a provactive phrase: DON’T GET DEMENTIA; GO INTO ANOTHER DIMENSION!

He points out that the chronic stress of the American lifestyle causes us to release cortisol into our systems and cortisol kills the brain cells that prevent dementia.

Dr. Khalsa’s research began formally in 2003 and shows that meditation immediately puffs up certain key areas in the brain; creating an increase of blood flow to the area. It actually activates the part of the brain where memory loss occurs. He found a reversal in that part of the brain when a twelve minute meditation was practiced for as little as six weeks!

He also studied the effects of memory training vs meditation for the elderly; finding no changes from the memory training however meditation once again improved brain function.


His words are so reassuring. Prevention is possible by learning to reduce the risk factors. Don’t wait until something bad happens because then you have be reactive. Taking the time now to take care for yourself requires creating and keeping a practice. We all do so much better when we stay consistent with our exercise, yoga, meditation and eating well. It truly needs to be a focus. So even if you don’t feel like doing something, you do it anyway. This is where the discipline, the tapas comes in; making your health paramount.


Through meditation, investigation of patterns and practicing the opposite, we develop higher levels of well-being, self-knowledge, and acceptance. This is the “spiritual fitness” piece. Over all we become resilient and more apt to find purpose in our lives. Studies show life expectancy increases eight years when we are involved in an inspiring endeavor.

This fall the class readings will center around the four key principles of health and brain longevity. I will need a commitment of eight students for a class to run.



Summer Session ends on August 28
and the studio is closed until September 12

Twelve-Week Fall Session
September 12 through December 17

No classes September 29 – October 4
(closed for Calapiz family reunion)

No classes November 21 – 26

8:00am – 9:15am
10:00am – 11:15am
5:30pm – 6:45pm 
9:00am – 10:15am
8:00am – 9:15am
$156/once a week
$264/twice a week
$16 Drop-In 
Please note: All classes need eight people to run

March 21-26, 2017

Gift Certificates
are available for classes, programs and private sessions. 
email Chris for details

available and may include: 
  • Yogassage
  • Restorative yoga poses
  • Meditation
  • Practicing the opposite to achieve balance
  • Processing grief and emotional challenges
  • Preparing or recovering from surgery
  • The Yoga of Eating
Cost: $80.
Please email or call if you have questions and/or would like to schedule a session. 

Chris Morton, RYT
88 Green Street 
Newbury, MA 01951

Mailing Address:
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Annual Jamaica

Self-Discovery Retreat

March 21 – 26, 2017



March 21 – 25, 2017

This five day retreat in Jamaica will be a guided individual exploration of self care through yoga, meditation, exercise and diet. Taking the time to care for ourselves requires creating and keeping a practice and a life style that makes health paramount.

We will explore what that means for each of us. We will explore what foods fuel you? What exercise works best for your body? What thought patterns no longer serve you? Let’s unravel the chronic stress in our lives, inhabit our bodies fully, and find what is individually nourishing.

This retreat will include:

-daily yoga practices

-a variety of meditation practices

-transformational breath work

-readings and discussions on the 8 Fold Path of Yoga

-trips to nearby private beaches and healing rivers

-locally sourced food

-three delicious meals each day

-a new hiking excursion

-charming shared accommodation

Limited space is available for this retreat.

The cost is $1200 (shared accommodations).  Price does not include air fare. 50% deposit is needed to secure your spot.

For questions and more information please contact Chris.


Parking Reminders:

-please be mindful of the three young children who live on the barn property

-park along the side of the road except when it snows and on Saturdays when cars are parked in the U-shaped driveway

-refrain from turning in the driveway opposite the barn.

Please, no fragrances in the barn and do not come to class when symptomatic. Thanks everyone!