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Chris Morton, RYT

Anahata Training Yoga

Dear Students,

As we move into the new year, I wish you the gift of ease and stillness. I truly appreciate sharing the practice of yoga during weekly classes at the barn and when seeing clients privately in my home. (Scroll down for details about classes and special offerings.)

In my private sessions, students come to experience yogassage which uses assisted yoga poses combined with massage to stretch and relax muscles . Combining both the practice of yoga and techniques of massage, yogassage is a one-on-one treatment session using breath and stretching to ease muscle soreness, encourage injury recovery, and promote overall relaxation.

I also offer private yoga and meditation sessions tailored to individual needs.

Within my private sessions, I work to help students use the three pronged yogic approach to shift depleting patterns and develop a more optimal life through the practice of meditating, investigating patterns and practicing the opposite.


  • Yoga
  • Yogassage
  • Restorative yoga poses
  • Learning to meditate
  • Practicing the opposite to achieve balance
  • Processing grief and emotional challenges
  • Preparing or recovering from surgery
  • The Yoga of Eating

Cost: $80/ hour
References available upon request.

Words from students about yoga classes and private sessions with Chris:

“I have attended Chris’ yoga classes for ten years. She is a unique and ever evolving yoga teacher who embodies the spirit of yoga. She has been a guide and support for me with MS, helping me to find modifications and props that support the changing needs of my body.”

“ I did privates with Chris in hopes of finding more balance with my work & home life. Health issues related to stress had cropped up and before resorting to pharmaceuticals, I wanted to try meditating and eating more mindfully. I learned so much and was able to see how I was depleting myself. Establishing a daily practice and eating nourishing foods has helped so much. I now have a way of looking at situations in my life with more clarity. My anxiety has lessened and that is without drugs!”

“I have been practicing yoga for years and enjoy a combination of taking classes and doing privates with Chris. I am happy to be an avid gardener in my mid-seventies and feel yoga is what allows me to be so physically active. As we age our bodies change and we need to find the right adjustments in our yoga poses to accommodate those changes. I have found doing privates with Chris supports my individual practice; allowing me to ask the questions I have about my body. When working privately with Chris I learn how to feel what is going on and explore possible modifications and adjustments . If you enjoy adjustments in class and love massage, you will really love a session with Chris.

“When I was facing a serious surgery that actually called for me to remain conscious, I sought help from Chris who taught me just what I needed to get through the experience. Actually, it was the beginning of me developing a mediation practice. Now it is five years later and I am still practicing!”l practicing!”

Restorative Yoga “Mini-Retreat”
With Ashley Matthews and Chris Morton

Anahata Training Yoga

Sunday, February 4th
2pm – 5pm
Cost: $60

Let yourself be healed and nurtured from within during this three-hour program consisting of gentle, supported postures accompanied by breath awareness. Restorative poses are poses of “being” rather than “doing.” By supporting the body with props, the body and brain become quiet and relaxed. In this relaxed state, physiological changes occur which help to restore health and reduce the effects of chronic stress. Prior yoga experience is helpful but not required.

Thanks everyone!


  • We now park around the U-shaped driveway throughout the year. When exiting the property, do not turn around in the neighbor’s driveway, nor make a three-point turn.
  • If you need to leave early or promptly after class, please drive twenty feet past the white mailbox on the left, and park on the righthand side of the street.
  • Please be aware that there are three children living on the property and we all need to drive slowly.

Other Reminders:

  • Do not come to class when you are sick. This is important for the good of the whole.
  • Refrain from wearing fragrances in the barn as we have students who are chemically sensitive.


12 Week Winter Session with Chris Morton

1/1/18- 3/24/18

(New Years Day Class @ 10:00)


linking breath and movement to create flexibility, strength, and deep relaxation

8:00 a.m. – 9:15 a.m.
10:00 a.m. – 11:15 a.m.
5:30 p.m. – 6:45 p.m.
9:00 a.m. – 10:15 a.m.
9:00 a.m. – 10:15 a.m.
$156 once a week
$267 twice a week
$16 drop in
Anahata Yoga @ The Barn, 88 Green St., Newbury
Please note:

For more info or to register for the winter session contact: Chris Morton, RYT


8-Week Book Group & Meditation Class

8:00am – 9:00am
January 9 – February 27
(at 8 Beck Street)
Cost: $80

Anahata Training Yoga

Gift Certificates available.
are available for classes, programs and private sessions.
email Chris for details

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