Anahata Yoga @ the Barn

where the mind goes, the energy flows

Chris Morton, RYT

Anahata Yoga @ the Barn

“I want to learn more and more to see as beautiful what is necessary in things; then I shall be one of those who make things beautiful. Amor fati: let that be my love henceforth! I do not want to wage war against what is ugly. I do not want to accuse. ….And all in all and on the whole someday I wish to be only a Yes-sayer. “ Nietzsche

Hello Fellow Yogis,

Erika VartabedianMy name is Erika Vartabedian and I am excited to join Chris this summer teaching classes at her studio. I live in Newburyport with my husband, Jake, and three daughters, Emily, Renee, and Meredith. Newburyport has been our home for over twenty years. Along with teaching yoga, I also work in the museum field at a Historic New England property in Gloucester called Beauport. I enjoy hiking, biking, long walks, and good cup of tea with a friend.

I have been practicing yoga for many years. In 2009, I completed a 200 Hour YTT Certification from Anahata Yoga Teacher Training. At that point in my life, my interest in yoga was in developing a strong personal practice. Over the next ten years, I developed a consistent yoga practice and continued to explore and expand my knowledge of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness taking classes and workshops. Last year, I decided to deepen my practice and signed on to take a second 200 Hour YTT program from Vishuddha Yoga Teacher Training and graduated in early June 2017. While studying for this training, I also worked extensively with Chris, and we discussed working together at her studio.

My practice of yoga informs my life daily. I enjoy the physical release I get from both gentle stretching and the challenge of strengthening postures. However, it is the settling of my mind during a sitting meditation or a vinyasa flow that I receive my most profound benefits. My desire to share these benefits with others is what has led me to take up teaching yoga.

I am looking forward to being part of Anahata Yoga @ the Barn as we share this profound practice that opens body, mind and heart.


Yoga in the Barn

The Calapiz Family asks that we continue to park around the U shaped driveway; however, when you need to leave early or promptly after class, it is fine to park on the street. Please be aware that there are three children living on the property and we all need to drive slowly.

Other Important Reminders:
Do not come to class when you are sick.
This is important for good of the whole.

Refrain from wearing fragrances in the barn as we have students who are chemically sensitive.

Thanks everyone!

Spring Session Ends
June 23

Studio Closed
June 26 – July 7

Summer Session Begins
July 10

July 10 to August 25

Chris Morton &
Erika Vartabedian

All-Level Yoga Classes
linking breath and movement
to create flexibility, strength, and deep relaxation.

8:00 a.m. – 9:15 a.m.

10:00 a.m. – 11:15 a.m.
5:30 p.m. – 6:45 p.m.

9:00 a.m. – 10:15 a.m.

$91/once a week
$154/twice a week
$16 Drop-In

Please note:
Classes need 8 people to run

Gift Certificates

Private Sessions are available and may include:

-Restorative yoga poses
-Practicing the opposite to achieve balance
-Processing grief and emotional challenges
-Preparing or recovering from surgery
-The Yoga of Eating

available and may include:

  • Yogassage
  • Restorative yoga poses
  • Meditation
  • Practicing the opposite to achieve balance
  • Processing grief and emotional challenges
  • Preparing or recovering from surgery
  • The Yoga of Eating

Cost: $80.
Please email or call if you have questions and/or would like to schedule a session.

Chris Morton, RYT
88 Green Street
Newbury, MA 01951

Mailing Address:
8 Beck Street
Newburyport, MA 01950


May all beings be happy and peaceful.

May all beings be free of fear and pain.

May all beings live with love and compassion.

And may all beings awaken to the light of their own True Nature and be free.